Baby Blue Eyes
When: December 31st, 2010
Button-down: Madwell
Jeans- “Provocateur” by Joe’s Jeans
Necklace- “Fearlessness” by Me and Ro for The Joyful Heart Foundation
Nail polish- Jade is the New Black by OPI**

Running last minute New Years errands

When I think of early mornings and running errands, I think of jeans. And while I love a good t-shirt, I don’t associate many of the ones I own with looking “cute,” rather they’re little momentos. As for the chambray and the darker denim bottoms, I was a little curious and skeptical about the pairing, however, after seeing Alexa Chung and Glee (I believe it’s the “Laryngitis” episode) pulling off the look quite well, I figured I should give it a go. Also, I just got these cute little (well, not so little) sandals in the mail the other day, and I couldn’t wait to wear them! Plus, it was almost 50 degrees out today, so I wore them with NO SOCKS!! It was awesome :)

Happy New Year!

I just had to include this! The flowers in my kitchen are so pretty almost all year round, and I don’t know how that happens!

** You HAVE to go to this web site and use the “Try on This Color” functions, as it lets you try on every OPI shade on any skin tone and with various nail lengths!