“if I were a girl this photo would make me wanna take a day off with Ferris”
Date: 12 April 2011

Business: Classes, second apartment viewing, and fun in Amherst with Megan and Lorraine! 

dress- Milly, Zuzu’s Petals
scarf- Zuzu’s Petals
boots- Frye
earrings- gift, Anthropologie


I must have looked like an idiot today because I had the biggest grin on my face from the moment I left the house until the time I put my jammies on. Why, you might ask. This outfit was truly inspired by my mom. As soon as I saw this fabulous dress in Lois’ store I knew I had to have. I pleaded with my mom until I got it, however, while said pleading was occurring, my mom kept on asking, “Where and when are you going to wear this dress?” because I have the tendency to buy things and not wear them… for a while. My response to my mom was, “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wear it in the City this summer, or I’ll wear it to school.” I don’t think my mom bought my line about wearing this dress around campus, but look mom, I did it! I didn’t even care that everyone was staring at my sequins or telling me that I looked “fancy.” I just wore this dress like sequins during the daytime are no big deal! 
This dress really did put me in the best mood, just so you know. I was even listening to “The Hustle” in my car– just singing and grooving, which I think gave me funnier looks than what I was wearing! Prior to my apartment viewing I ran some errands and I stopped off into the neatest store ever! It’s called Dave’s Pet and Soda City (or something of the sort) and get this, all they sell are pet supplies and whole sale beverages! I’ve been hearing about this place for almost two years now so while I had some extra time, I went in and got Ari a few belated birthday treats!
Later this afternoon the professor who I’m TAing for took Lorraine and me out for tea and it was awesome! Lastly, my evening class was great. My professor brought in another professor, who is also a filmmaker, to talk with us about Third World Film Reel and representation in film. As someone who doesn’t think of herself as a film critic, this class was doubly challenging, however, it was completely rewarding! 
And if you’re wondering where the title for this post came from, it’s what my brother said about my entry for Jess LC. What a sweetie he is!!