Ring My Bell
Date: 11 April 2011

Business: Class, pilates, hanging out in the sun, and Lorraine’s bell ringing 

dress- Modcloth
scarf- vendor in Cape Town
belt- J. Crew
bangles- Alex and Ani
flip-flops- Havaianas via Rue La La (only worn for this shoot… I went barefoot to the “ceremony”)
earrings- gift


Full disclosure: I had no intentions of being in anything other than active wear today. I spent more than half of the day in my Hardtail pants and a t-shirt that I tie-dyed back in my junior year of high school. No lies, but I just didn’t see the purpose of getting dressed up if I wasn’t even going to leave my porch. That all changed when I received a text from at 350 from my friend and co-TA, Lorraine. She was letting me know that her bell ringing (I’ll get into that later) was at 430 and I’m notorious for taking a while to get ready, although I’m never later… 
I was so nervous that I was going to be late because I had no idea what to wear! My entire plan of a t-shirt and Addidas shorts was killed, so you can imagine why I was ecstatic when I remembered that I had picked up my Modcloth package earlier, and this lovely dress was in it. You probably won’t hear this a lot, but this outfit was the result of nervousness and rushing to get ready. I thought that the scarf would look cute and keep me warm in case it had cooled off and the bangles are simply my go-to accessory. And get this, I didn’t even put anything in my hair– the only product I had on was a smidgen of Benefit cream eyeshadow, which is a total first. In the end I had rushed so quickly to get ready that I was about twenty minutes early, believe it or not! 
Now, what is a bell ringing you might ask? While I’m not sure how this tradition originated I can tell you what it’s purpose is. There is this lovely bell tower attached to the campus library, and it’s customary that students who have completed their division III work, and actually passed, ring it in celebration. Of course with a tradition such as this, there is a lot of campus folklore. One scenario goes like this… if you ring the bell prior to your actual passing of div III, you’ll never pass. Silly urban myths like that. It is so much fun this time of year because the people ringing the bell are most likely div-free students, unlike the drunk morons who ring the bell at 3 am in February.
In other news, I’ll be holding my first giveaway, which I’m so excited about!! In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd) I’ll be giving away a very yummy assortment of chocolates, thanks to Endangered Species Chocolate. I’ll be sure to post the contest rules within the next few days and good luck to everyone who enters! 

And lastly, the amazing Jessica Constable of Jess LC and Makeunder my Life is currently hosting a DESIGN YOUR LOOK Contest that I entered. If you like my look, which would be under Emily H.–Nudgenick, please, please, please vote for it! And while you’re there, totally check out Jess LC and Makeunder my Life!!