Skipping Down the Cobblestones

Every once in a while an opportunity to do something really neat presents itself and when this happens I do my best to take advantage of the situation. That is why I was so ecstatic when my mom told me that Adriana Trigiani wanted me to document one of her NYC walking tours! Who could possibly say no to that? Be patient with me because Nikki, our fabulous guide, packed so very much into our three hour tour and I’ll do my best to respect the tour’s integrity while filling you in. Ours began at the heart of Greenwich Village at Father Demo square, just below the West 4th basketball court. It was such an adorable park/fountain/garden area and I was shocked that although I’ve walked by plenty of times, it never occurred to me to stop and sit.

Before I continue I’ll qualify just about everything by saying that I can’t believe how much I learned yesterday. I never thought that I knew everything but I was completely impressed and shocked with how many little streets, hideaways, and “secret” places there are to still find. One of my favorite parts of this entire tour was the calculated stumbling across quiet tree-lined streets. Even ones similar to the above made me smile because the traffic was so light and it felt very cozy.

How funny is this? I have never ever seen a house with such an address but Nikki explained that it’s because of the tiny dimensions. But since when did tiny apartments constitute a half? This apartment has been home to many famous artists and interestingly enough one of my favorite actors, Mr. Cary Grant, was once lived here for a bit. I’m no giant but even I have a hard time imagining living in such a small space.

This area in particular reminded my mom and me of Benefit Street in Providence. Many of the buildings looked like real houses and their styles seemed very similar to what you’d find around College Hill. I’m certainly not an architecture specialist, however, I think I was able to appreciate the Greek revival style (thanks Nikki!). This particular house has the neatest vines growing over its front and we loved how this shutter was a bit off kilter. I don’t even know if anyone still lives here, as the house looks like it is condemned, but from the outside it was still completely stunning.

After walking around for just over an hour our group took a cappuccino rest on Christopher Street and it was amazing. While some of the locals were less than thrilled with a small (only nine people!) group, the folks who work at the brasserie could not have been kinder to us. I get that this might sound weird to mention but I was a little confused with all of the attitude. Luckily it didn’t put a damper on anything and getting to eat outside in a backyard/patio type space was phenomenal. All afternoon my mom and I were commenting on how luck we were that the weather was so nice and it could not have been any more true!

Nikki took us to one of her favorite Village shops, which is an old school tea house. Oh my goodness, if you like tea then you would love this place. They have EVERYTHING and it smells amazing. Nikki wanted everyone to smell the “Apple Pie” tea and I think that it did replicate like the real thing although some women on our tour thought otherwise.

One of my favorite sights of the day, seriously. How summery do these flowers look? Plus the stark contrast of the red iron gates and the overflowing white flowers in their little boxes is so stunning. It may have seemed out of place and out of season but snaps like this make me feel like summer really hasn’t ended. It’s probably just making me delusional, seeing as my midterms are all happening, but it definitely reminds me of July.

Sadly our tour came to an end in the Meat Packing district but I suppose it had to end at some point. I celebrated my 18th birthday with my parents and brother at Buddakan but I believe that was the last time I was in the area. Being so far west and ubertrendy, I hardly make it a point to stroll through this ‘hood but in the day time it seemed less intimidating and I’d love to come back! Two summers ago I shared a NYU dorm room with two fashion-oriented PR girls who constantly flaunted the fact that they spent nearly every night clubbing in the area and complained about the clingy club promoters they encountered. That’s about the last thought that was left in my mind. But like I said, it was lots more low key during the daytime and it’s so eclectic, which is awesome.

The High Line was so cool and my mom and I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t been before. Not only were the views completely stunning, but the actual construction (i.e. sun bathing chairs) was also more like art installations. It may be a schlepp from where I normally find myself but totally worth coming back, perhaps in the summertime to do some people watching. Thank you so much to Adriana, Gina, and Nikki for giving me this fantastic opportunity! I had such a blast and I cannot wait to get on your next tour– I’m thinking that Parks & Subway may have to be my next one, although there’s always Venice and Austria!

After our walking tour ended my mom and I met up with David to continue our fun afternoon for a great lunch at a restaurant whose name I cannot remember. What I do recall is that the spaghetti with tomatoes and basil was phenomenal, but what was even more fascinating was the interior–part exposed brick and meat locker doors and part chic eatery with gorgeously simplistic lighting fixtures.

Before heading to Saks I kindly begged my mom and brother to help my find a ‘cute little street’ for my pictures and thats when David said, “How about Horatio?” With colors like these, why not? Part of me used to feel odd and shy about using someone else’s door/stoop/pad as my background but whatever. When I see something I like I have a hard time not recording it with lots of photos. This combination of green, burgundy, and periwinkle remind me of the Victorian tudors that I’m constantly admiring in my favorite New England towns. Although Saks is almost always chaotic and bustling, it’s kind of become tradition for my parents and me. Yesterday my mom and I spent a while at the Bond No. 9 perfume counter with Monica and Diego until we had sniffed almost everything and decided on Washington Square and Saks Fifth Avenue for Her. Both wonderful choices but difficult ones nonetheless. Plus it was cute that although I had a bag for our goodies, Diego plumped up a Bond bag and put some bon-bons in it so that, ‘people would know I’m a Bond Girl.’ I’ve been branded, how funny is that?

Our last stop of the day (before a detour to see the friendly folks at YSL and dinner at Utopia) was to Worth and Worth. While I had originally thought that David would be the only one leaving with a hat, I was surprised when I became infatuated with a floppy amber concoction. My mom and D thought it looked great, as did Patrick, the milliner extraordinaire. He is so knowledgeable and talented that I can see how David spent about three hours in the shop. My hat needs a little fitting plus a custom bow, but in a matter of weeks I can guarantee that I’ll be traipsing around campus with it. While I do enjoy the occasional winter beanie, I’ve never thought of myself as someone who can pull off the hat look, in part because of my hair. The new cut helps tremendously and I really am excited to start making it a part of my wardrobe.

Saying hasta luego to the City and my family is never easy but I know that it’s never too long before I’ll be in their company again. If David is reading this, how does the middle of November and December work for you? But wait, I think I’m seeing you this Friday too! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my coverage of my walking tour and if there’s anything you’d like to know more about just let me know!

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  • Robin

    What a fabulous NYC day!! If you are planning a trip to the city -get in touch with adriana trigiani tours!! click on tour info!!
    The wonderful saturday afternoon lunch was at Macelleria!! we all loved it!!