the week: 20 april 2012

Ah, the end of the semester feels so nice and to celebrate, or just because we felt like it, my mom and I have ventured to Marseille for the weekend. It’s so great to have her back in town and as we’ve constructed a very tight itinerary for the next 10 days or so, I don’t know how often I’ll be checking in here. You won’t miss me though, I promise. This week I give you my favorite blog posts (by others, duh.) in hopes of creating a more supportive/encouraging blogging community.

I love Emily’s outfit so much that I might have to email her about another swap

Forget being photographed by Mr. Newton, it’s a farfetched fantasy of mine to meet the guy! Stalking will promptly commence this summer.

I don’t know how Sydney does it, but she does, and she does it so well.

Is it summer already? Did I miss something? Laura’s ensemble is so fresh and I really hope to meet her while I’m in the city.

If this is what Crystalin’s weekend looks like, then I want to be a part of it (but not in a weird way).

Andrea always looks awesome and her photos are stunning, she is my photography icon.

Helena’s outfit really pops! and looks so summery.

Kendi is the very image of springtime and I’d much rather be enjoying that instead of Paris’ cold rain.

“The Summer”- Coconut Records

  • Lisa Tener

    Enjoy Paris with your Mom, Em. I’m putting a link to you on my blog today!