Hi everyone! Today I’m on my way to Connecticut to visit with my family and attend an event for Adriana Trigiani, which has me very excited! I’ve been on her tours and read some of her work but I can’t believe that we’ve never met, especially given the relationship that she and my mom have. I cannot wait to report back because from what I’ve heard, I expect this evening to be lots of fun.

If you can believe it, this isn’t how I left the house in the morning. Originally I was wearing a pink/white oxford and my wellies but after the rain stopped I decided that I could ditch the boots without feeling guilty. I also wasn’t entirely crazy about how the top and bottom combination looked so when decided on a new top, this one seemed like a fabulous choice. I picked it up at Claudie Pierlot and am so excited to see all that I can do with it.

This back is too cute, no? It reminds me of matching pajamas that David and I had when we were little. These red snaps may be a simple detail but I think that’s what makes the biggest impact. This little something extra adds a fun twist to a classic piece in a lighthearted manner, so what’s not to love?

  • Robin

    that’s right -forgot you haven’t met adri yet!! you are in for a big treat!!!!!