midtown and central park

My internship with Adriana Trigiani has been the best, really. Part of the week I work from her home ad the other part I work with the tour company, all of which allows me to initiate projects, be helpful, and surround myself in creativity. Most recently I joined Nikki and went on a walking-through of the two tours that will be launching shortly– Midtown and Central Park. Though walking the entire tour wasn’t horribly long, I think everyone will appreciate that they’ve been spilt in two. Part of what enjoy so much about these tours and being around Nikki is how much I learn. I’ve walked through Times Square many times but never noticed most of what she pointed out. I had also never been inside the library at Bryant Park if you can believe that. While debriefing at Bryant Park we poked into Lily O’Brien’s and found macarons! Though I didn’t happen to notice much in the way of variety, I loved what I picked– lemon basil and tiramisu! Nikki and I enjoyed ours on the steps of the public library which couldn’t have been a more perfect spot! Today we’re going on round two of the walk through so more photos to come!

  • Robin

    such fabulous photos!! stunners!!! fabulous tour to add to the list!!