5 Questions: Nikki of Adriana Trigiani Tours

One of the highlights of the summer was my internship for Adriana Trigiani Tours, as Nikki and Gina were so responsive to any ideas I had and created a constructive work environment. Once I have my semester in full order I hope to continue the work I was doing for them, but for the time being, let me introduce you to Nikki!

 If you were the third sister on Charmed, what would your supernatural ability be?

I never watched Charmed! But assuming I could have any special ability it would be useful to be able to influence the mood of a room/group of people.

 What area have you yet to travel to but can’t wait to visit?

South America- particularly Argentina.

 How would you describe a perfect NYC day?

Wandering around the Village, stopping for lunch in a restaurant with a back garden, and ending with some window-shopping in SoHo.
 What is your favorite movie theater snack?

Lemon heads.

 Do you have any fall traditions, and if so, what are they? 

 Switching out the summer clothes for my fall clothes in my closet (a seasonal ritual!).