i’m flying!

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peter pan collars are so much fun, aren’t they? they’re equal parts gamine and whimsy, created a piece with a lot of attitude. when i saw this particular blouse i was inspired and excited by its possibilities it has. let’s be real, gray is gray (i.e. impossible to mess up) and the collar is BEJEWELED for goodness sake–how adorable is that? as a blouse/t-shirt hybrid it exudes an effortless yet styled vibe that can do nearly everything. pairing it with classic denim bottoms would be cool, clearly, but it’s kind of feisty when matched with neon leather and it’s insanely quirky when layered over a a striped jumper. i’d lean toward keeping the accessories neutral but really you could just shoot for the moon here. you could stack resin bangles, strut a pair of antique clip-ons, or grab a suede bag if you please! the only look that i would shy away from with this blouse is anything that’s too cutesy. this includes, but is not limited to, scalloped skirts, anything too tight, black cropped pants, etc… this may seem a little extreme or unnecessary but by now you know that i’m a fan of mixing looks and perhaps doing things a little differently.