by the way, i graduated.









it’s been almost three weeks since i graduated from college and that’s ridiculous! how did four years pass by so quickly? at times, like finals for example, it felt like things were running on slow motion instant replay, or maybe that’s not the right analogy but you know what i mean… it was a beautiful day having my family together to celebrate this milestone. in a way i didn’t even realize what an accomplishment this graduation was. i mean i knew all of the effort, hard work, and focus i had put in over the past four years but because i was in it, i wasn’t seeing things as everyone else was. the grandness of graduating still hasn’t hit me, though i suppose that once the last week of august rolls around and i’m not packing up for my job at orientation, i’ll get a bit of a reality check. college was phenomenal and i really couldn’t have asked for any other experience. here are a few of many my favorite snaps from the day!