#ootd: yoga

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i love getting dressed for yoga and lately i’ve made a concerted effort to have these ensembles be more reflective of my style. though i’m typically wearing them for less than two hours, it’s become very important to me. i like a mix of ratty t-shirts, flowy, sporty, and eclectic so long as the pieces don’t interfere with my movement. there’s nothing worse than fidgeting with clothing during a yoga class, as it really detracts from the experience. while i’m in a class i’m not thinking of anything else, which is really a fascinating occurrence, however, the wrong clothing can definitely break my groove. on this occasion i blended color with function and wore something that assisted me in having an awesome class, ultimately expressing my style. i also rediscovered that i had ribs after all of that stretching!

DSC_3258 DSC_3260

top} wildfox; leggings} old navy; headband} lululemon; bracelet} diy.