carmichael: a go go

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dressing for yoga class is a sport on its own. even the more low key times are a fashion show in this town and while i love my ratty t-shirts, i must admit that donning cosmic thing made me feel more like a sunday morning bagel run than a power hour slot. adios schlub and hello city girl! this is about as good as it  gets for any physical activity. you’ve got interest, wit, athleticism, quirk, spirituality, and function, could you ask for more? no really, could you? if you could then i think you’re actually being just a smidge unreasonable. what i can say is that i don’t typically wear any jewelry during my practice, besides the tattoo bracelet that i never take off. i have worn a watch in the past but i find that not only is it uncomfortable but i also don’t like being aware of time while in class. apparently it’s constricting in more than just one way. i will keep a few pieces in my mat bag (prana, not shown) in case a classmate and i grab coffee fresh juice and i want seem a little put together. i also choose to go sans make up so of course i need the perfect pair of frames to cover my eyes and the fact that i leave the studio practically floating on a cloud! what do you wear to class? how do you feel your activewear describes you?