in the park



there are very few instances in which i would be driven to peel my coat off and smile in subzero-ish weather, but to show off my new threads from cory vines, i clearly would. recently i searched something like “cool yoga clothes” and while most of the results were dismal, up popped cory vines, lucky me! i’m always looking to try out new activewear, regardless of whatever hoopla is in the news, and simply put, i love these pieces. quality is the first characteristic i look for and shopping online doesn’t always guarantee this. when my pieces arrived they were perfect to the touch and when i slipped them on, i was ecstatic! in these photos, i’m wearing the essential legging in onyx and the every wear v neck in ruby. i had recently been searching for the perfect full-length black leggings and now i need look no further. i feel absolutely awesome in this pair, with a waistband that doesn’t pinch but rather holds everything together, i couldn’t ask for more. i also can’t stop thinking about this t-shirt, it is the definition of perfection. it’s got a nice wicked finish but is cozy enough to wear outside of class as well. together they make the perfect pair! what i love so much about these cory vines pieces is that they fit my lifestyle. i can envision wearing them around because of their versatility and quality. for more styles and colors check out their online shop!



t-shirt + leggings} c/o cory vines; hoodie} alternative apparel; moccasins; minnetonka.