5 questions: carly, the college prepster.

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having been an avid reader of the college prepster for some time, as well as a fan of her style and smarts, it was a real pleasure for me to interview carly, the girl behind all of the splendor. amidst the excitement and chaos of jetting off to scotland shortly, carly answered a few of my silly questions. enjoy!

how would you describe your perfect snow day?

getting to stay in bed extra late with a cup of coffee and a book and then a movie marathon on netflix. (seamless delivery, not optional).

if you could live in any movie, which would it be and why?

grease–poodle skirts and spontaneous singing? i’m in!

what’s at the top of your stack of unread books? what have you read lately and loved?

an abundance of katherines, the invisible bridge, the art of fielding, and reconstructing amelia are all on my to-read list! just finished catcher in the rye and loved it!

you recently wrote a very heartfelt post about teddy, your toy poodle. what is the most endearing thing about him? 

his personality–he’s funny and cuddly, but also super playful!

what is your quintessential new york city moment?

zipping between meetings in cabs or on the subway always feel so “new york.” there’s always traffic or something slowing me down and i constantly feel the adrenaline from rushing to and from and making it to the meeting in the nick of time!

image courtesy of the college prepster