punk rock yoga




when i was in high school, my mom and i had the pleasure of seeing green day several times on the “american idiot” tour. to this day we still like to mention that time when billie joe said that thing because we had that much fun. after having missed the ”21st century breakdown” tour, i knew that mom and i needed to see the trio when they rolled through providence last year. simply put, the show was amazing. it was one of the first shows after billie joe checked out rehab and it was so heartwarming to see everyone back together. we spent several hours listening to old favorites and a great handful of picks off of the new albums. if you haven’t checked uno! dos! tre! yet, you need to. after throwing on this funky yoga ensemble i constructed a mini-flow to some of my favorite new green day songs and it rocked, get it? for a vigorous practice or even one that’s restorative, these leggings are perfect. they’re comfortable, form fitting, and are very absorbent. see, you can have fashion and function!

t-shirt} green day concert; leggings} yoga smoga; watch} nixon.