the underdog

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just the other day a fellow coworker, who has impeccable taste, suggested that i try on winston, a frame that i have become equally obsessed with and deterred by. as someone who wore glasses of the small and boring variety (no judgements) for a while, this pair appeals to my yearning for something different. in fact, as a part of my most recent home try-on i included the frame in old fashioned fade. though no purchase came of this trial, i had a more clearly formed opinion of the frame. shortly thereafter i tried on the lunar fade color way and it was an instant game changer. they’re freaking bold and there’s no avoiding it– i state this as fact. though they’re black, which a lot of people come in asking for, they’re not your typical black. lunar fade gives off a certain lightness, oddly enough, and has a little more attitude, according to me. this is also a frame that forces a definitive, binary opinion–love or hate. when my hair is pulled back and i’m suited in my daily quirk, as illustrated in the ensemble above, winston is my dream companion.