home on the range.


i’m going home in a few weeks (or as my dad says, “a week from this friday”) for the first time in a little while and i’m really excited. part of being an adult is making a life for myself in nyc and not that i’m complaining, but i’m really excited to get back to rhode island. i’m taking a long weekend for mother’s day and to celebrate my birthday early. when i think about what i want to do and who i want to see, i find that most of it revolves around what i want to eat. now, one thing you also have to understand is that my mom is an ah-mazing cook and makes a gravy that leaves you smelling like garlic for days. so there’s that. but if i could manage a visit to julian’s, the grange, white electric, and duck & bunny, then i think i’d be satisfied.there are, of course, a few others on this list, but some things just aren’t feasible. i think to myself that it’s pretty sick to have almost all of my favorite things center around eating. but then i realize that it’s because those places a) the food is ridiculous; b) have staff that are all characters; and c) are home to some great memories.