it’s not worth it unless you have to wait an hour

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sunday brunch is one of my favorite activities. since having started a 9-5, i’ve found that i’ve got a great appreciation for the weekends–one that’s more akin to how i felt in high school–it’s called relief. though our garbage gets picked up around 630 on saturday mornings, sundays are pretty quiet, allowing me to sleep in if i desire. by the time eating crosses my mind, it’s time to hit amsterdam and columbus for some of our favorite brunch spots, all of which offer an authentic new york city experience. and by this, of course i’m talking about the unnecessarily long waits. the ones that force you to get a pre-brunch coffee and nosh elsewhere until your party is called and you’re inevitably seated at an unsatisfactory table that you take because it’s not worth waiting longer for a spot that’s only marginally more preferable. if you’ve seen the portlandia episode “brunch village” (shown below) then you know what i’m talking about. this day, however, was vastly different. clad in my loudmouth pants, david and i were sat almost instantaneously, taking out all of the fun. and what’s worse…we were sat outside on the nicest day spring has had to offer and the food at nice matin was unreal. come on! we even got to comment on all of the uws loudmouths…such a treat. what did i do to deserve this?

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