5 Questions: Jeanine of LOVE & LEMONS

I’m absolutely thrilled to reintroduce one of my very favorite features, 5 QUESTIONS. As a naturally inquisitive person, this series is definitely indulgent. To kick us off, I’ve interviewed my absolute favorite online personality and food blogger, Jeanine of LOVE & LEMONS.You’d be hard pressed to find a site as well-designed, well-written, and purely enjoyable as this. Each time I visit the site to see a new recipe, I end up scrolling through archives and drooling to no end. Limitless inspiration abounds from this site, and I’ve made numerous recipes myself! There’s just a certain ease to LOVE & LEMONS, where you feel like you’re cooking and enjoying with a close friend. It’s gotten to the point where my mom says, “Right, the one with our kitchen!” because it’s always open on my computer…Having followed Jeanine and Jack for something like three years now, this is truly an honor. Enjoy!


1. Originating from Chicago, what was your perfect snow day like? And what weather allows you to play hooky in Texas?Ha, well I remember there had to be at least 3 feet of snow on the ground in order for the schools to close. Whenever I’d wake up to blankets of snow out the window, I’d run downstairs (fingers crossed!), that our school district would be listed across the morning news. When it was, my sister and I would jump up and down, call our neighbor friends and put our snow pants on. We’d spend all day making snow angles and building forts. Later we’d head in for hot chocolate, leaving a puddle of boots and wet scarves buy the door. In Texas – my favorite thing is when we get a really warm day in, say, January. We head to a Mexican restaurant for margaritas on the patio. I’ll sit in the sun and usually check the weather app on my phone to see just how cold it is in Chicago!

2. I’m visiting Austin (only in my dreams), what are three things I shouldn’t miss? 

This is a tough one to narrow down – there are a lot of great restaurants but I always take visiting friends to Taco Deli and La Condessa. On a nice day, go for a hike around the Town Lake Trail, or if it’s too hot for that -  head to Barton Springs.

3. Your recipes are amazing! How do you constantly find inspiration to create something so delicious?

Aw, you’re so sweet. I’m inspired by what’s seasonal and pretty. I usually load up on veggies at the farmers market and figure out what to make later based on whatever other ingredients I have around my kitchen.

4. Where is your dream vacation spot? 

Definitely Italy.

5. What is your favorite pastime?  Playing around in my kitchen, of course :)