pms-approved stir fry

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While I assure you it was not that time of the month when I concocted this dish, I know that if it had been, I would have been absolutely delighted to bask in all of its deliciousness and my inability to settle on one flavor. I tend to consider myself creative when it comes to the kitchen, which often leads to the blending of flavors that may seem a little peculiar. As fate would have it, this stir fry was awesome and I savored every single bite. When describing it to my mom, I said that it tasted like take out. Apparently this is my new gold standard, my new barometer for was is good in life. Something about its simple, yet powerful flavor was reminiscent of what typically comes in a little white “thank you, come again” box.

Relevant ingredients: Trader Joe’s slaw mix, chickpeas, cubed tempeh, kale, Soy Vey, ginger paste, almond butter, and pink Himalayan salt.

The process: Sautee the kale and slaw mix in the Soy Vey. When it’s nearly finished cooking, add a crack of salt and ginger paste to taste. Set aside and brown the tempeh cubes in drippings. Finish the tempeh in melted almond butter and top the dish with fresh chickpeas. ENJOY!