Stocking stuffers. What started out as an innocent little addition to the Christmas gift tradition has turned into something completely different. While on the check out line at Sephora, I noticed dozens of impulse items and couldn’t help but paw at all of them. Who doesn’t need airplane-approved Fresh seaberry oil? Okay, that’s beside the point. The point is, that so many of these goodies were stamped as perfect stocking stuffers, yet, were all fairly pricey for what they were. Which leads me to question: are these types of gifts antiquated? Back when I was a kid, things that got stuffed in stockings were things like midges, plastic Care Bears, fun pens, and, if you were lucky, sample size perfumes. If you couldn’t tell, really nothing over five dollars. But today, we’ve raised the stakes and now stockings aren’t as harmless as they used to be. Really, they’ve just become vessels for more gifts. Because apparently it’s more fun to pull gifts out of a inflammable sock than it is to find them under a Christmas Tree. With that, I give you nouveau stocking stuffers and a little reminder of a simpler time: