gift guide: books for dudes

Men, guys, boys—whatever you want to call them—are notoriously difficult to shop for. It’s not that they’re fussy, but perhaps they’re just not as vocal, as the average female is, about what they want. While I fully intend on compiling a proper gift guide, let’s start with a no-fail option: books. Most people like to read so they can keep their mind sharp, for the sheer pleasure of it, or just to sound smarter in conversations. Here are a few of my favorite man-friendly picks from the last year:

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SAVAGE HARVEST by Carl Hoffman // Intrepid journalist Hoffman lived amongst the Asmat tribe and researched tirelessly to unearth the largely speculated circumstances of Michael C. Rockefeller’s 1961 disappearance.

AUTO BIOGRAPHY by Earl Swift // One 1957 Chevy and thirteen different owners paints an unparalleled portrait of Americana and spotlights the unique relationships we share with our cars.

SAS SURVIVAL HANDBOOK by John “Lofty” Wiseman // For the seasoned outdoorsman to the novice urbanite, tips on how to tie an array of knots, combat phishing scams, and bodily protection are covered in this third and updated classic.

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP by Al Michaels // Dad’s like sports, and most dad’s fondly remember Michael’s distinguished career and the games he commentated on. If you give your dad this, you must say, “Do you believe in miracles?” and watch him tear up.

THE RETURN OF GEORGE WASHINGTON by Edward Larson // What guy doesn’t like George Washington? Probably the most fondly remembered American president, Washington lead a pedestrian life at Mount Vernon from 1783-1789. With exacting research, Larson discusses what key actions took place during this forgotten era.

10% HAPPIER by Dan Harris // Through his compelling personal narrative, TV anchor Harris demystifies mindfulness meditation and makes it applicable for each individual, more specifically, for the skeptics.