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a post for my mom & dad

My brother and I do a lot of things together: we brunch together, we laugh together, we juice together, we sing together, heck, we even live together! But there was one thing that we weren’t doing together that was really eating at me…we weren’t reading together! One time, long ago when we were worlds apart (he in New York, and I in Western Massachusetts), we tried reading the same book but it just didn’t happen. Maybe it was the book (no, I don’t actually believe that), or maybe it was the timing (that’s a more likely the reason), but nonetheless, I was left feeling defeated.

CaptureFast forward three years to a few weeks ago, and David and I were trying to browse the Strand. Amidst the chaos of a typical Saturday afternoon, I managed to glance down and catch a glimpse of Goodbye Columbus’ attractive new cover. It all happened so quickly that I don’t remember how we managed to reinstitute initiate our sibling book club, but it happened and I’m glad. Having already had our discussion, I can confidently say that there was no better book to be our first. My brother and I share a sense of humor, thoughts on” isms,” and countless neurosis, so you can see why Goodbye Columbus was a natural fit.

With an array of novellas, each indulged our sensibilities and provided lots of fodder for discussion. Last Saturday David and I parked it at Irving Coffee and commenced our discussion, pens in hand. One of the foreseeable issues with reading the same book—at the same time—is that it’s hard to keep your thoughts to yourself. All of which is only further complicated when you’re not at the same point. This is to say that before reading Goodbye Columbus, David and I agreed that we would keep all of our shit to ourselves, but this ended pretty quickly, and I think I may have started it. Sometimes I would burst into his room, or he would approach me at the kitchen table, and we would share our favorite lines—it’s like we couldn’t help ourselves. But alas, each of those conversations was cut short by one of us saying, “I’m not there yet!” Or, “I thought we were waiting!” Luckily, there was still plenty to discuss when we sat down on that fateful, gloomy Saturday afternoon.

While I initially thought that talking about the book while reading it would ruin things, it didn’t. When David and I sat down, there were so many motifs, thoughts, and funny bits that could only be appreciated after reading the whole thing. Now, I could go into great detail about what we we discussed, but that’s not the point of this post. This isn’t English class, and neither was the discussion that David and I had. I do think that we had a healthy and thoughtful conversation, each adding ideas and expanding on the ones that had already been shared—that part was all great. But what I think I appreciated most was the simple nature of the interaction between us, two siblings. It’s, dare I say, heartwarming that after all that we do together, this is one more thing to add to the list.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Post Christmas, 12/29














This audio has been sitting on my desktop for almost two months, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted it. My mom and I went on our annual Tacky Tour on December 29th, and I know that because I actually listened to the clip to figure out what the date was. You should know that I never listen to something after we’ve taped it because I really don’t like listening to my own voice. But I had to listen and once I started, I couldn’t stop. I really think this is one of my favorites, just my mom and me talking about nothing, how perfect!

gift guide: sh*t to ask your parents for

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.02.53 PMAs it pertains to me–because this is my blog–I like gifts that I would never buy myself but that I’m obviously going to use. Who wants something that they’d never buy themselves that they’d never use?

I’ve been there many times and it’s not fun. The worst is when you get something that you can’t return. I know it’s supposed to be the thought that counts but it’s not. If thought was the only thing that counted, there’d be no market for gifts. It makes me cringe when I think about all the time I’ve my mom has spent returning things that I either didn’t like or wasn’t going to use. Can I my mom get those hours back as a gift? How about money for the gasoline? The depreciation of the car? The lack of a peaceful afternoon not going to the mall? 

Here are a few no-fail options that help us avoid the waste of time and the disappointment that comes with receiving a gift that never had a chance. Who doesn’t love a cookbook of their favorite blog? Or a fifth pair of slippers? And while you usually don’t need to be reminded that everyone’s a dumb whore, sometimes a matted needlepoint of that truism frames your perspective. 

Happy holidays, and maybe next time, just go for cash–or bitcoins.

no bake makery




upon seeing cristina suarez krumsick on rachael, i knew that i had to have a copy of her new book and start trying out some recipes. if you’re unfamiliar with cristina’s  concept, it’s pretty brilliant. while she is definitely a fan of her oven, cristina believes that you shouldn’t have to use one for baked goods. the result? pretty awesome truffles, bars, pies, and anything else you can imagine! while i originally thought that i would make a small batch of cookie truffles for a family friend, my mom demanded furiously kindly asked if i would make some for rosh hashana. what could i say? no? not acceptable. i whipped up two batches–one with graham crackers and the other with chocolate chip cookies and at the end of the night they were gone. G.O.N.E. gone. everyone was in love and i now i seem to have been commissioned to make them for my cousin’s bat mitzvah brunch. i truly loved seeing my family get so much enjoyment out of something i made not only because i love them but also because this is a tough bunch. we’ve axed people from our family because they’ve brought subpar dishes to thanksgiving or passover. these truffles have secured me a spot in the family until our next gathering, when i suppose i’ll have to bring something else that cristina created! this visually stunning book is full of fabulous and tasty treats that will please everyone! you must, must, must pick up a copy and start  making!