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haunts: noon.

coming across noon was like finding a hidden gem. with so much of providence’s buzz focused in the thayer street area it’s easy to overlook all that downtown has to offer. i’ll admit that i used to be one of those people until, that is, i started venturing around the westminster and weybosset area. it’s kind of a funny tale, of how providence’s center has shifted, from the watermarks of the 1938 hurricane, to my dad’s high school days near brown, and my obsession with niche restaurants of the westside. providence is truly an eclectic city and noon definitely represents that. when i stopped by to snap these photos, i think i may have done equally, if not more, chatting, as nora, caitlin, and odum (the shop’s mascot) were uberfriendly. with their melange of eco-friendly, chic, vintage-inspired, and handmade pieces, there is always something to take home. i might also suggest that with the holidays quickly approaching you stop by for some perfect gift ideas. there are pieces at every price point and if you’re stuck on what to get, just ask someone for help! what’s on my list, you may be asking… note the second to last photo. i’m obsessed with the tibetan-style necklace and just know that it would be a great addition to any outfit. ps. did you know that you can also shop via their site?

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haunts: my room

as both a photographic project and to let you into my world, here are a few snaps from my home bedroom. i’ve always collected, not hoarded, tchotchkes from various travels, either mine or those of others. i like to be surrounded by interesting things, things that tell a story, that make me remember everything from the vacation when i bought that turtle or when my friend brought that bracelet back from her trip to peru. they evoke certain emotions, which is why i only display happy things. there’s my bookcase, lined with my classics, the ever growing family of matroyshkas and turtles, select photos, a stack of pretty macaron boxes, and stuffed animals, amongst other things. there’s a story behind each piece in my room and i couldn’t have it any other way. if you can believe it, i often go through the contents of my room, making sure that every one is relevant and that things don’t get cluttered–in other words, my favorites. what’s in your room? 


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haunts: providence perfume co.










when my mom told me about the providence perfume co. i almost couldn’t believe it. well believe it. this place is simply amazing. from the moment we stepped it chanra, the shops owner and perfumer extraordinaire, was warm and welcoming. i poked around a bit at chanra’s natural perfume selection, however, what really intrigued me was the opportunity to create my own scent, which i aptly named “a midsummer night’s dream” because it remind me of the perfect june day. chanra was extremely kind in answering all of my questions but ultimately we created a fragrance that is all my own and feels perfect! i learned all about infused alcohols, base notes, middle notes, and top notes–how cool is that? now if i told you what was in my blend it wouldn’t be a surprise, but perhaps this is because i also can’t remember one of the ingredients… luckily chanra keeps a catalogue of her client’s mixtures just to be safe!

haunts: the grange







i’m ashamed that i’ve been completely lacking in what i post to this section, sorry. luckily i have a great restaurant to share with you this time and hopefully next time i’m home i’ll write up a few more! the grange, which opened several weeks ago in providence’s west side, is absolutely perfect. the decor insists a vibe just like relaxing at the home of an old friend. that is if you have a friend who knows how to seamlessly decorate with reclaimed pieces and doesn’t seem at all pretentious. and the food! who could forget the food? i like to think of their menu as select, not small. my mom and i ate from the day menu, which is comprised of lovely brunch-y options such as: tofu breakfast tacos, poached fruit with yogurt, and a soup du jour (mine was lentil mushroom). after the meal we stopped by the coffee window where i indulged in an artfully brewed soy latte and oh it was good. this nook is positively adorable as you can either access it by crossing the dinning room or from the side entrance if you’re just stopping by. one last thing… the staff was very friendly, which isn’t something you typically get with these sorts of places, just saying.

i did it again.

garance dore is definitely one of my style icons as i’ve shown before. though i never aspire to replicate looks of other people, because i value individualism, i won’t deny that my style is influenced by what i see. that said, there’s something about the way that garance styles herself that always produces a looks that it classy, mixes different styles, and always look naturally put together, all with her truthful attitude, of course, which influenced my look. on this occasion i realized that i might have had a little garance edge, which is ironic considering that i was meeting an old friend for macarons…and cupcakes. silver spoon has quickly become one of my haunts, now i just wish they would add soy lattes to their menu and i’ll be very happy. a girl can dream. and as for the random stromboli, we had some dough and fresh cheese just hanging around and my mom had recently made a gravy so i rolled them together, *literally*, and this is what came out of the oven.