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Inspired By: The Grand Budapest Hotel

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wes anderson creates the kinds of films that you want to live in, or at least that i’d like as my reality. his most recent film, the grand budapest hotel envisions just that kind of world–one that is vibrant in both personalities and in design. this tale begins in 1985 as author, who penned the cult classic of the same name, reflects back on his chance meeting with zero, an ex-lobby boy for the hotel, in 1968. enchanted by zero’s mystique, the two sit for a lengthy dinner, in which zero details a series of true, yet nearly unbelievable, events that took place in 1932, inspiring author to write the aforementioned novel. whilst i was initially confused by this matryoshka of a telling, the film is infinitely more delightful than it is perplexing. with intriguing characters who speak distinctively and dress with wit, audiences are in fact transported to another world of sorts. though the entire film was a sensory experience, what left the greatest impression on me were these precious desserts, courtesan au chocolat, and the pink mendel’s boxes that secured them. given that spring is near, what better than an ensemble that makes you want to take a bite? and no, when i sat down to write this, i hadn’t seen the piece of vogue’s site

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photo credit: the grand budapest hotel 

new digs

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this week i’m moving into a new apartment and i’m really excited. i finally have a roommate i kind of like and though i’ve already lived in several apartments, this is my first “adult” place. luckily i’ve been cultivating pieces of character, class, and quality over the last three years so there’s not that much i need, but of course there are things that i want. just a few fresh pieces here and there to make this new address feel like home. real photos to come as the pad gets put together!


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brunching. canning. knitting. strolling. reading. blogging. photographing. sipping. these are all fun and casual pastimes that require an ensemble to match. what better than a look polished enough for public viewing, but comfortable enough for a day spent curled up on an armchair? what else could you even ask for during the weekend? these days were meant for comfort and indulgence, an escape from our “work selves.” i find that pairing pieces of varied structure creates this near-perfect balance, the one that so many of us strive to achieve. it’s so easy to wear jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt, but more often than not you’d wind up on ambush makeover rather than on the best dressed list. this is precisely why i opt for the chic option of everything when i can. have a delightfully cozy weekend!


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some people don’t like to be remembered for their glasses (i.e. “oh, you’re the girl who wore the red glasses! i remember you!”). while i don’t entirely subscribe to this method while composing my ensembles, it does have its place and time. with a pair such as linwood, you get both a classic shape and color but don’t have to sacrifice any interest or personality. it’s the perfect pair for a young professional, one that fits in at any type of office. this type of look is perfect for a creative office, because where else would you be allowed to wear booties and a quirky sweatshirt?