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5 Questions: Jeannette of ShuttheKaleUp

11353024_1578526512413022_1633012863_nAt some point in January Instagram made the best following suggestion ever when it brought me to a user named shutthekaleup. There were only a few snaps to look through at that point, but still, I knew I had found someone special. A yoga instructor on the west coast and health enthusiast, I was instantly drawn to Jeannette’s humor, honesty, and frankly, her taste in food (i.e. Pressed + Justin’s). In such a short matter of time, Jeannette has built something very special and it’s immensely excited to see what she’ll do next!

1. How did you come up with #shutthekaleup? It’s so clever! I wanted to come up with something catchy. It honestly took me a good week to finally land on something I really liked. One night I was on the couch and yelled, “shutthekaleup!” and immediately knew that was it.

2. One of the many unique things about what you do is that you’re not a blogger, you’re entire online following is based on Instagram. Is this something you set out to do, or was it an evolution? And HUGE congrats on hitting the 10k mark (in under 6 months!)—what was that like? Thank you so much! I didn’t think much of it to be honest. I just wanted to show people that balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. I never expected to get any following let alone reach 10k in such a short amount of time. I’m just grateful for my followers and everyone that has helped me along the way. A blog/website is something that I’m working on at the moment. Stay tuned!

 3. You’re honest and unapologetic about your food/eating habits—how did you develop such a healthy relationship? About a year and a half ago, I had an eating disorder. I used to starve then binge, starve then binge. I was on every diet/juice cleanse you can think of but I’d always go back to unhealthy eating habits. I never knew what balance meant. After being laid off from a job of 7 years, it was like all bandages were off. I got into teacher training for yoga sculpt and didn’t look back. Fast forward to today – I have found balance and confidence in myself, something I never thought was possible. 11137764_1543495062578463_1044945391_n

4. When you’re not teaching, spending time with family, or just generally kicking ass, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy hiking and traveling ANYWHERE. Seeing the world is something I’m very passionate about.. Especially if there’s good food involved.

 5.  What’s one thing that your followers might be surprised to find out about you? All I want after a long day, isn’t the gym.. it isn’t to go hiking or eat dinner at True Food Kitchen (one of my favorite restaurants in this whole world). A perfect night to me is as follows :

1. Yoga Pants ✔️

2. Snacks (ALL the snacks) ✔️

3. Netflix ✔️



yoga smoga.


having just left a yoga class, i should be floating on a cloud, and i am, but i’m also a little pissed off, and i think i’m entitled to feel this way. there are certain rules that mostly every studio has (i.e. no shoes in the practice room…) and then there are the unwritten ones, those that invoke common sense, which as my mom always says, isn’t so common. while i’m not proposing that yoga classes become a place of “no,” they shouldn’t be free of consideration.

1. loud cell phone conversations before class–this one gets a big WTF? some people use this time to “arrive” and do you really need to shout in the practice space? there’s a foyer for that. or even better, an outside, with a sidewalk.

2. musk and other odors. ewww… i’m the first to admit that i sweat during class, that’s just how it is. but i don’t come to class smelling like half a bottle of brut. when you’re in a class that creates energy, smells tend to waft and settle.

3. bad attitudes. hypothetically, you come to yoga to push yourself, not to whine about working hard. i am, myself, am a reformed complainer, and once i just gave in and had fun with the difficulties, i started getting a hell of a lot more out of each class–both physically and mentally.

4. judgements suck and no one likes to feel like they’re being watched. i know that sometimes it’s hard not to have a wandering eye, but i beg you, try, try, and when all else fails, try again. if i fall out of a pose, then so be it. if i decide to wear fuchsia leggings, that doesn’t give you the right to stare at my tush. looking at people is human nature but glaring is weird.

5. this is my mat space and this is your mat space. sound familiar? do you know that i once had someone grab my toe multiple times in one class during stretching? i don’t know what she was mistaking it for but she clearly had no concept of anything. one of my teachers is constantly reminding us that it’s healthy to know where you are in space, and he’s not wrong.

6. groaning. i suppose this is the yoga equivalent to lunking in the gym. see, if you’re breathing enough, there’s really no need for it to be so emotive. this is a tricky one because a) we need to breathe; b) we don’t breathe enough; c) everyone breathes differently; and d) you can’t tell someone not to breathe. i think you know what i mean, it’s the absurdly loud and possibly inappropriate sounds that make you wonder if you’re even in the same class.

punk rock yoga




when i was in high school, my mom and i had the pleasure of seeing green day several times on the “american idiot” tour. to this day we still like to mention that time when billie joe said that thing because we had that much fun. after having missed the ”21st century breakdown” tour, i knew that mom and i needed to see the trio when they rolled through providence last year. simply put, the show was amazing. it was one of the first shows after billie joe checked out rehab and it was so heartwarming to see everyone back together. we spent several hours listening to old favorites and a great handful of picks off of the new albums. if you haven’t checked uno! dos! tre! yet, you need to. after throwing on this funky yoga ensemble i constructed a mini-flow to some of my favorite new green day songs and it rocked, get it? for a vigorous practice or even one that’s restorative, these leggings are perfect. they’re comfortable, form fitting, and are very absorbent. see, you can have fashion and function!

t-shirt} green day concert; leggings} yoga smoga; watch} nixon. 

in the park



there are very few instances in which i would be driven to peel my coat off and smile in subzero-ish weather, but to show off my new threads from cory vines, i clearly would. recently i searched something like “cool yoga clothes” and while most of the results were dismal, up popped cory vines, lucky me! i’m always looking to try out new activewear, regardless of whatever hoopla is in the news, and simply put, i love these pieces. quality is the first characteristic i look for and shopping online doesn’t always guarantee this. when my pieces arrived they were perfect to the touch and when i slipped them on, i was ecstatic! in these photos, i’m wearing the essential legging in onyx and the every wear v neck in ruby. i had recently been searching for the perfect full-length black leggings and now i need look no further. i feel absolutely awesome in this pair, with a waistband that doesn’t pinch but rather holds everything together, i couldn’t ask for more. i also can’t stop thinking about this t-shirt, it is the definition of perfection. it’s got a nice wicked finish but is cozy enough to wear outside of class as well. together they make the perfect pair! what i love so much about these cory vines pieces is that they fit my lifestyle. i can envision wearing them around because of their versatility and quality. for more styles and colors check out their online shop!



t-shirt + leggings} c/o cory vines; hoodie} alternative apparel; moccasins; minnetonka.

carmichael: a go go

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.13.39 PM

dressing for yoga class is a sport on its own. even the more low key times are a fashion show in this town and while i love my ratty t-shirts, i must admit that donning cosmic thing made me feel more like a sunday morning bagel run than a power hour slot. adios schlub and hello city girl! this is about as good as it  gets for any physical activity. you’ve got interest, wit, athleticism, quirk, spirituality, and function, could you ask for more? no really, could you? if you could then i think you’re actually being just a smidge unreasonable. what i can say is that i don’t typically wear any jewelry during my practice, besides the tattoo bracelet that i never take off. i have worn a watch in the past but i find that not only is it uncomfortable but i also don’t like being aware of time while in class. apparently it’s constricting in more than just one way. i will keep a few pieces in my mat bag (prana, not shown) in case a classmate and i grab coffee fresh juice and i want seem a little put together. i also choose to go sans make up so of course i need the perfect pair of frames to cover my eyes and the fact that i leave the studio practically floating on a cloud! what do you wear to class? how do you feel your activewear describes you?