Want to say hello? Do you have any questions/comments/complaints? Well today is your lucky day! I love hearing from people, so feel free to drop me a constructive line at missemilyallison@gmail [dot] com.

Your first blog was Nudgenick. Where did the name come from and why did you change to The Happening? Funny story. During the summer of ’10 I interned for a magazine where I garnered the nickname Nudgenick for being well, anal about things, although I liked to think of it as plain old organized. When I first named my blog I wasn’t thinking much about the long term and over time I realized that I wanted something that could grow with me.

How would you describe your personal style? I get a lot of pleasure out of drawing inspiration from lots of different places so while sometimes I might be a little preppy, other times I try to look like my dad circa ’78 or my mom circa ’85. When all is said and done, I like to be comfortable and would say that I’m eclectic, classy, and always true to myself.

What is your biggest pet peeve? Lack of consideration. Sometimes this may mean ignorance while others it’s tardiness, poor table manners, or being mean to animals.

What are some of your future plans for your blog? I would love to involve my readers more. The support that everyone has given me is immense and however I can include you, I would. For the time being I’m enjoying taking things slowly and loving the writing and photographing. I originally started this blog as a creative outlet and a way to temporarily separate myself from my studies, however, I’d love to see things grow. As a full-time student I don’t have lots of time for this, but hopefully I’ll be able to collaborate with people who understand and appreciate my goals.

When do you feel most inspired? People watching does so much for me. Not only does it inspire me with regards to the ensembles I wear (or don’t) but it also allows me the opportunity to pick up on human interactions. Observing how people deal with one another makes me more aware of my own actions and in some way makes me a more thoughtful person.

You’re a vegan-ish, what’s up with that? Prior to 2011 I was a longtime vegetarian, however, it became increasingly clear to me that veganism was the best lifestyle choice for me. Not only do I feel better and healthier, but I also know that I’m living a more conscious life. Being a vegan has not been easy but I’ve willingly accepted this challenge and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’d like to share recipes or your story, I’d love to hear it!

[Amended from France: When I became a vegan I did it as a challenge to myself and given that I didn’t eat much dairy to begin, it wasn't the most difficult thing to do. Living in Paris can be tough for a vegan (or vegetarian even) who wants to dine out with meat eaters so that’s why I’ve recently started reassessing my food habits. If anything, being in this city has reaffirmed my beliefs that being a conscious eater is the most important thing, regardless of what your diet looks like. This, plus a lengthy conversation with a friend, has taught me that I don’t even need to define what kind of eater I am and as you’ll see, I’m in the process of removing the tag “vegan” from any related posts in hopes of de-labeling my life. I still don’t have any plans to start eating dairy products as soon as I get home but if I want a frozen yogurt I’m not going to shy away from it.]

You don’t post where you get your clothes, why? Ummm, thanks for noticing? I used to be really into posting where my pieces are from as a means for being helpful but then I got lazy, which eventually grew to me purposefully excluding such information. I’ve also realized that there’s a lot of envy on the blogosphere and I prefer to avoid this whenever possible. If you are ever interested where something is from just drop me a line and I’d be happy to share with you (because I’m not aloof) but I don’t intend on really adding it back, for the time being.

  • Eaa1256

    Hi em it’s Kathy Almonte. Ok…….I just gained five lbs looking at the macaroon pictures. I tasted my first one in November while in Ireland. I LOVED them. They are dainty, delicate and DELICIOUS. Have been looking for them in RI ever since. Have a great time in Europe. What an amazing experience.

  • Ktolch

    So glad you’re having a good time with your mom in Marseilles. One of my favorite cities…..hold off using that Weleda Pomegranite…what they didn’t tell you is that is for those of us with more mature skin! The other Weleda products are nice as well and some you will be able to buy back in the USA. Sorry you didn’t get back toVienna….would have been happy to host you. You have had a phenomenal adventure these past few months….the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your adventures.