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ice queen

Do you ever save wearing a new item for just the right occasion? I used to do that a lot as a kid and still do time and again, it’s something I assume most of us have done or will do. With the case of this coat, I actually bought it during an unseasonably warm day in October so, in fact, I had to save it because it was never cold enough until last week. But nonetheless, I was saving it for the right moment. Its bold pattern paired with a subtle colorway makes it an introvert’s favorite statement piece. Now, something you might not be able to tell from these photos, is that what looks like a skirt, is actually a dress. As a follow up to my most recent post, I’ve been thinking of reasonable ways to work many of my pieces throughout the different seasons. It’s not fair that a dress I love to wear for dinner by the beach has to be packed away for over half the year, when it fits so well. In this instance, I just through a pullover on and I was all set! If only everything else was so easy. AND, in one final note, I got a haircut and I love it. I went all the way to Greenpoint [insert joke here] to Exhibit, but it was worth it!


jacket} target; sweater} apc; dress} susana monaco; bag} longchamp; necklace} joomi lim; boots} frye. 


lois says

Tights and boots make the world go round, they make coping with the changing climate a bit easier, and they make any dress look cool as, well, you know…Thanks to Lois, of Zuzu’s Petals, I’ve co-opted this styling trick and it has nearly doubled my wardrobe. Take this dress, it’s a perfect example of a piece that I typically reserve for the spring and summer, however, now it’s ready for fall with jewel tone tights, riding boots, and a knit sweater. Didn’t I say it was easy?



dress: vintage; sweater: autumn cashmere; boots: frye; tights: gap; bag: coach; sunglasses} warby parker.

Old Faithful

When temperatures drop, is there anything cozier than a nubby sweater and plush cords? *Insert latte here.* Otherwise, this is pretty perfect. While dropping Ari off at his rural kennel, I spotted this modest neighborhood gazebo and insisted that we take photos under it. Well, it’s a good thing that my mom is such an adept driver, that’s all I’ll say about that. There’s nothing ultimately sophisticated or interesting about this look, but it’s a reliable favorite. Paired with boots, you have a great daytime look, but easily slip into a wedge or a heeled bootie and your look is instantly taken up a notch. It’s as easy as that!

DSC_8437 DSC_8443

walking foliage

I My mom took these photos while in Providence during early October, when the leaves were changing colors but remained abundant. Now it’s November and leaves like these are a faint memory. It’s a stunning time of year in New England that is all too fleeting. Unjustly so, pumpkin spice season is much slighter than say, its peppermint counterpart, blink, and you could miss it. Living in NYC, I was definitely sore about not being constantly surrounded by so many changing colors. This year, I lived vicariously through friends and instagram feeds to see what I was missing. Sure, you can visit a park to get a dose of greenery, but it’s not the same, who are we trying to fool here? It’s like the kids who grow up thinking that it’s normal to pick up your pumpkins on The High Line. Can you even imagine that? I want to live in a world full of foliage, where people take the hayride to pick up their pumpkins, and where there aren’t 70 degree days in the middle of October. Is that too much to ask?

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Darius and I met during my first day of training at Warby Parker. In an instant, I knew that I had met a kindred spirit. We inspire and challenge each other creatively, talk about the important things, yet always find something to laugh about, and both love cultivating aesthetic. When you meet someone like this, you just know there are great things to come. Here are some photos from a shoot with did with Lydia Hudgens a few months ago, when we were dreaming of pulling knitty things out of storage and thinking of leather jackets made us break a sweat. I think they capture our friendship really well, wouldn’t you say?