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liquid gold


food cleanses are great for many reasons. just as you might take a deep breath or unplug for the weekend, a food cleanse allows your body to take a break and recharge. unfortunately the inevitable truth is that they also come with a whole bunch of connotations and assumptions. whether it’s the people who don’t believe it them or the people who follow them only to lose weight, it’s a topic that usually evokes some kind of feeling. in celebration of my imprint recently publishing organic avenue’s book, we were offered a cleanse. though i’ve never actually done an oa cleanse before, i do enjoy their juices, so i thought i’d give it a try! having cleansed in the past, i’ve learned a few things, things that seem valuable enough to share:

1. mind over matter–if you’re constantly thinking about how hard the cleanse will be, is, or was, then i fully believe that it will be that hard. just enjoy it and remember that no one made you do it.

2. bathroom break--this is perhaps the most embarrassing piece of advice i can share but it’s probably the most honest. whenever i do a cleanse that involves a lot of liquid, i may as well just seat myself next to the bathroom because that’s where i need to be. just think about how much liquid you’re ingesting, if you drink 7, 14 oz bottles. whoa!

3. by the book–it may sound silly, but these cleanses were very specifically designed and to “cheat” really defeats the purpose. if you’re doing an all liquid cleanse, why eat pasta for dinner? not only will you be eating solid food, but you’ll also be ingesting something that’s a no-no. 

4. take it easy–i like to nap a little while i cleanse. hell, i like to nap even when i’m not cleansing. while this isn’t always feasible, especially if you work at an office, it’s still a nice treat for when you get home. under this same category goes exercise. while some people believe that you don’t have to change your routine, i don’t totally buy into that. i still go to my yoga classes, but i may modify some poses, it just depends.

5. happily ever after–just as you probably weaned your way off of caffeine, dairy, and processed foods before you cleansed, try to do the same thing when you start eating solid food again. this may sound like a given, but it’s the easiest thing to mess up. you’ve just given your body a lovely vacation, now you have to ease back to real life.

6. take note–what i find most valuable during a cleanse is to listen to how my body feels. it’s something that i actually strive for on a daily basis, however, when you’re making such a drastic change to your diet for a segmented period of time, it’s actually a good opportunity to make some assessments and get in tune with how you feel. who knows, you may decide to cut back on dairy or decide that you’re going to have one liquid meal from now on. if you take this as a learning opportunity, you’ll thank yourself later.

wanna meet for coffee?


if i had a penny for every time some one asked me to meet for coffee in lieu of meeting at their office, then i’d have a lot of pennies. here is my latest collection of places to grab a jolt of joe.

providence, ri:

bolt coffee company, 122 fountain street

new harvest roasting company, 65 weybosset street

ellie’s bakery, 61 washington street

small point cafe, 230 westmnister street

new york, ny:

joe, 514 columbus avenue

birdbath, 2244 broadway + 518 columbus avenue

brooklyn roasting company, 25 jay street (BK)

irving farm coffee roasters, 224 west 79th street

gasoline alley coffee, 331 lafayette street

ground support cafe, 399 west broadway

little collins, 667 lexington avenue

the sensuous bean, 66 west 70th street

oren’s daily roast, 2303 broadway

it’s not worth it unless you have to wait an hour

DSC_6657 DSC_6702 DSC_6698 DSC_6638 DSC_6709

sunday brunch is one of my favorite activities. since having started a 9-5, i’ve found that i’ve got a great appreciation for the weekends–one that’s more akin to how i felt in high school–it’s called relief. though our garbage gets picked up around 630 on saturday mornings, sundays are pretty quiet, allowing me to sleep in if i desire. by the time eating crosses my mind, it’s time to hit amsterdam and columbus for some of our favorite brunch spots, all of which offer an authentic new york city experience. and by this, of course i’m talking about the unnecessarily long waits. the ones that force you to get a pre-brunch coffee and nosh elsewhere until your party is called and you’re inevitably seated at an unsatisfactory table that you take because it’s not worth waiting longer for a spot that’s only marginally more preferable. if you’ve seen the portlandia episode “brunch village” (shown below) then you know what i’m talking about. this day, however, was vastly different. clad in my loudmouth pants, david and i were sat almost instantaneously, taking out all of the fun. and what’s worse…we were sat outside on the nicest day spring has had to offer and the food at nice matin was unreal. come on! we even got to comment on all of the uws loudmouths…such a treat. what did i do to deserve this?

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 12.14.08 PM

spicy + salty

every once in a while i make something so simple but so awesome and this tofu scramble was just that. all you need is a handful of basic ingredients and a few utensils to create this delicious dish.


what you’ll need:

1 container of extra firm tofu

1 1/2 orange bell pepper

siracha, curry powder, and unsalted creamy peanut butter to taste

olive oil for the skillet

what to do:

wash, dice, and sautee the orange bell peppers in the slightest bit of olive oil. when they’re cooked to your liking, set them aside in a bowl. strain the tofu well and then firmly scramble it with a fork until it breaks apart. add it to the skillet and then toss it in a bit more olive oil. cook on high until it starts to brown. when it’s nearing your preferred coloring add in the curry, peanut butter, and siracha. blend and continue cooking until it tastes right. top off with the peppers and enjoy!


wicked good

DSC_5877 DSC_5881 DSC_5888 DSC_5892

a little while ago my mom introduced me to something amazing, wicked good cupcakes. if you’re not familiar with this mother-daughter duo then here’s your introduction. together, tracey and danielle concocted these deliciously tempting sweets and to make them even sweeter, they come packaged in mason jars. i should know my mom by now because usually once we talk about something, it arrives at my door (i.e. the bonfire of the vanities). mom, if you’re reading this, just know that i don’t expect these things but of course they’re always a welcomed surprise. in this instance, these goodies arrived after a particularly long day of work and totally made my day. as if i couldn’t tell, my mom picked out the flavors especially for this occasion: the wicked good, national (security) velvet, cookies n’ cream, and chocolate lab. wow. i can’t get over these cupcakes. they were fabulous, just as i’d expected, but let me tell you what was actually my favorite part. do you ever realize that when you eat a typical cupcake, the ratio of frosting to cake is way off? a dear friend of mine, grace, slices the bottom of her cupcake off and slaps it on top so that there’s frosting between cake. with these wicked good cupcakes you get everything layered and that is a very happy thing! until next time…