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sometimes i wear my yoga clothes to sleep, just look at how comfy they are! can you blame me? there’s almost nothing i love more than a nice, nubby sweatshirt and if you couldn’t tell, this one is well loved. paired with my new favorite sweatpants and a really kitschy t-shirt, it’s the perfect ensemble for both class and nap time. love, love, love it!


sweatpants} sweaty betty; t-shirt} junkfood; hoodie} alternative. 

big red wheels

DSC_3838 DSC_3850

the story of this shirt is actually kind of funny. one day i saw it atop my pile of clean clothes and was so excited. i absolutely fell in love and thought that my dad had brought it home from the studio as a gift. when i asked him about it, i received an answer that i didn’t really like. it was in fact my dad’s and had just landed in my room by accident. luckily, my dad told me that i could borrow the shirt whenever i wanted, so i did! i absolutely love the spiritual gangster collection and have this top on my holiday list! to play around with the idea of the classes “jeans and t-shirt” look i added on my favorite moto jacket, endless little rings, and the wedge sneakers i vowed never to wear. i find that this chic blend of favorite accessories elevates the foundational pieces to create a look that is anything but schlubby.



jacket} asos; t-shirt} spiritual gangster; denim} j.brand; sneakers} target; scarf} madewell; necklace; me + ro; rings} siloha, bauble bar, + luniac.

ps… here’s how i styled the shirt for yoga class! leggings are from athleta and moccasins are from minnetonka.


#ootd: yoga

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i love getting dressed for yoga and lately i’ve made a concerted effort to have these ensembles be more reflective of my style. though i’m typically wearing them for less than two hours, it’s become very important to me. i like a mix of ratty t-shirts, flowy, sporty, and eclectic so long as the pieces don’t interfere with my movement. there’s nothing worse than fidgeting with clothing during a yoga class, as it really detracts from the experience. while i’m in a class i’m not thinking of anything else, which is really a fascinating occurrence, however, the wrong clothing can definitely break my groove. on this occasion i blended color with function and wore something that assisted me in having an awesome class, ultimately expressing my style. i also rediscovered that i had ribs after all of that stretching!

DSC_3258 DSC_3260

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yogini power salad


when i come home from my tuesday/thursday yoga class i straddle the line between complete invigoration and a long nap time, it’s bizarre, i know. it’s also about 11 am, which is practically my lunchtime. this puts me in a situation that i think we all hate and you know what i mean. it’s the “what do i eat?” debate that we constantly have with ourselves. with that, i give you an easy, quick, and healthy option that is also a hit at parties! okay so i’ve never actually brought this is a happening, but i have a feeling that it would definitely be well received.

for the salad:

1 avocado

1 package of love beets honey & ginger variety

1/2 golden delicious apple

1 can of chickpeas

for the dressing:

1/2 T hemp oil

1 T siracha

fresh lemon juice

for garnish:

1/2 tsp peanut butter

fresh basil

cracked pepper

to begin, bring two cups of water to a boil. once things are rolling add the cup of chickpeas. remove them from the pot once they are soft to the bite. drain them and let cool. dice the apple, avocado, and beets, place in a bowl and add the dressing. for the yummy sauce, the only trick you’ll need to a good whisking wrist. the oil has a hard time mixing with the siracha but if you work real hard at it, you’ll create a really fabulous blend. now pile on the cooled chickpeas and toss. garnish lightly with a little heated peanut butter and fresh basil and enjoy! while everything here is merely a suggestion (or that’s how i look at recipes…) i think you’ll really love the way in which the textures and innate tastes work together here.

yoga wear




is it shocking that i my love of style would carry over into my activewear? i hope not. while i distinctly remember showing up to my first yoga class in ratty pants and a tie-dye t-shirt from the 11th grade, i’ve since evolved. well, at least a little bit. i still mostly wear t-shirts but i mustmustmust have my capri/knicker leggings no matter what. this is something that i’m definitely working on (the tops situation) because i feel like i get more out of my practice if i’m not fidgeting with my clothes. i do love noting what everyone is wearing wears to class because it’s interesting to see how personal style is (or isn’t) translated into physical activity. for example, there’s one regular who always wears a chambray button-down and gregory peck glasses or another student who wears intricately patterned leggings. see what i mean? and my teachers are also always sporting something neat and definitely individualistic–from sporty to crunchy to funky, everything is represented here! until next time… 





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